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Dustin Brewer

Software Developer in Seattle, WA
(206) 801-1412

Work Experience

Enterprise Applications, Information Technology, University of Washington (UW)
Senior Applications System EngineerJune 2012 – Present
C#, ASP.NET MVC, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular, TypeScript, Bootstrap, SQL Server, Visual Studio, TFS

Provided application lifecycle management (development, maintenance, and support) for various business partners including: Facilities Services, Transportation Services, Environmental Health & Safety, Professional & Organizational Development, and Advancement.

  • Designed, implemented, and supported various web applications, web services, and batch interfaces between vendor & UW systems.
  • Created and maintained technical system documentation, both for use in supporting and maintaining the applications as well as providing context during replacement activities.
  • Redesigned and reimplemented legacy Informix 4GL applications. Reimplementing the appliations had a cost, both in time & money, but also many benefits: served the needs of the business, could be supported by multiple staff, and saved tens of thousands of dollars per year in AIX & Informix licensing costs.
  • Championed the need for auditable processes, continuous integration & deployment, and an internal NuGet server for common libaries/routines shared by multiple applications.

Technology Services, Facilities Services (FS), UW
Senior Computer SpecialistJune 2008 – June 2012
PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Drupal, MySQL, vim, git

Supported the technology/application needs of FS departments including Maintenance & Alterations, Transportation Services, Engineering & Operations, Finance, and Human Resources.

  • Spearheaded the implementation of Drupal for all Facilities Services departmental websites; saved thousands per month in maintenance fees. Developed and maintained a suite of applications written as Drupal modules.
  • Implemented and enhanced OS Ticket, a ticket tracking system; provided proof of work for accurate and timely billing.
  • Developed business intelligence reports in SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) - replaced outdated and unreliable Crystal Reports infrastructure; SSRS allowed for faster turn-around on report development & maintenance.

Maintenance & Alterations, FS, UW
Technology AdministratorAugust 2006 – June 2008
PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, vim

Supported the technology needs of Maintenance & Alterations.

  • Consulted on the implementation of a computerized maintenance management system.
  • Updated and maintained the departmental website; saved hundreds of dollars per month in maintenance fees.
  • Consolidated eight employee tracking & request forms down to three; reduced client confusion and developer maintenance time.


Bachelors of Science in Informatics • University of Washington • June 2006

Notable Projects & Interests

I have a number of personal projects available on, but I’m particularly proud of the following projects:

  • Mysb - Facilitates over-the-air firmware uploads to Atmel atmega328p microcontrollers with the MYSBootloader and a NRF24L01+ radio via MQTT. Continuous integration and deployment using Travis CI and Docker Hub.
    Go, Visual Studio Code, git, Travis CI, Codecov, Docker

  • Wink Local - Provides local control for a rooted WinkHub via MQTT, and a rudimentary web-based UI. Continuous integration provided by Travis CI.
    Go, TypeScript, React, Bootstrap, Visual Studio Code, git, Travis CI, Codecov

My interest in programming had led me to contribute to a number of open source projects: jDip, ZenPhoto, Drydrop, Drupal, Firesheep, MySensors, MyController, Automaton, QMK Firmware, and Home Assistant.

My interests in non-programming activities have led me to get my amateur radio license (Amateur Extra; AF7NK), commute to work via electric unicycle, build my own split mechanical keyboard, build a 3d printer, backpack in the Olympic National Forest, and ride a bicycle from Seattle to Portland in one day.