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Dustin Brewer

Software Developer in Seattle, WA
(206) 801-1412,

Work History

Information Technology, University of Washington (UW) - June 2012 – Present
Senior Applications System Engineer
C#, ASP.NET MVC, jQuery, Angular, Bootstrap, SQL Server, Visual Studio, TFS

  • Integrated a number of one-way data integrations between Ellucian Advance and various UW data stores (Operational, Research & Development)
  • Designed and implemented an application to validate and track address changes within Ellucian Advance using Melissa Data’s address and geocoding databases
  • Designed Parking Card & Lot Assignment applications that interfaced with the legacy Informix 4GL Parking & Permit Management application
  • Redesigned, reimplemented, and enhanced a number of legacy Informix 4GL applications:
    • UW Recycling - account management, route scheduling, work management & time tracking, billing, etc
    • Surplus Property - request management, inventory tracking, auction lots, point of sales system, billing, etc
    • Moving Services - request management, work management & time tracking, billing, etc
  • Reimplemented an Employee On-boarding Tracking application
  • Maintained and enhanced the Chemical Inventory Management application
  • Designed and developed the Payroll & Vendor Check Transmittal Tracking application
  • Integrated biannual Sigma-Aldrich chemical inventory data feeds into the Chemical Inventory Management application
  • Implemented Paypal Payflow as a payment option within the Professional Organization & Development Course Catalog application
  • Designed a Mobile Inventory Management application that interfaced with the legacy Surplus Property application (a legacy Informix 4GL application)
  • Integrated multiple two-way data integrations between AssetWorks AiM and various UW enterprise systems - payroll, accounts payable, request tracking, etc

Technology Services, Facilities Services (FS), UW - June 2008 - June 2012
Senior Computer Specialist
PHP, jQuery, HTML, Drupal, MySQL, vim, git

  • Designed and implemented numerous applications as Drupal modules to support business and operational needs of Facilities Services
    • Online Auctions - Internal auctions for charity events
    • Employee On-boarding Tracking - A wizard-based approach to on-board employees; all business logic contained within the database
    • Car Rental Cost Estimator - Replaces an internal Excel spreadsheet; now available to the campus community
    • ORCA Card Reactivation - Uses a SOAP web service to interface with the legacy Parking & Permit Management System
    • UPASS Sign-up - Uses a SOAP web service to interface with the legacy Parking & Permit Management System
    • Online Invoices - Find, view, and print invoices as they were generated (instead of regenerating them on-demand)
  • Implemented OS Ticket in order to manage customer requests related to web development & report services
  • Migrated reporting from an outdated and unsupported Crystal Reports installation to SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Migrated all Facilities Services websites to a multi-site Drupal installation (~20 unique websites in all)

Maintenance & Alterations, FS, UW - August 2006 - June 2008
Senior Computer Specialist

  • Completed a multi-year implementation of a computerized maintenance management system (AssetWorks AiM). The application is used by the skilled trades employees to track maintenance & construction projects
  • Maintained a handful of departmental website as developed by a third-party organization


Bachelors of Science; Informatics; University of Washington - June 2006
Associates of Science; Clark College - June 2003

Projects and Interests


Mysb - An application that facilitates over-the-air firmware uploads to Atmel atmega328p microcontrollers with the MYSBootloader and a RF24L01+ radio via MQTT Go, Visual Studio Code

Wink Local - An application that provides local control for rooted Wink hubs via MQTT Go, TypeScript, React, Bootstrap, Visual Studio Code

Bit2Factor & BitEscrow - Implementations of two Bitcoin Improvement Proposals: BIP38 & Escrow. Both are single-page web-applications designed to be used without an internet connection
JavaScript, Atom

Home Automation - An IoT sensor network in my house based on MySensors, Home Assistant, and custom PCBs for Atmel atmega328p microcontrollers. Monitors: doors, energy usage, temperatures, soil moisture; Controls: garage door, fire place, air conditioners, and lights
C++, Platformio, Visual Studio Code

I’ve contributed in various capacity to a number of open-source projects: jDip, ZenPhoto, Drydrop, Drupal, Firesheep, MySensors, MyController, Automaton, QMK, and Home-Assistant


My hobbies and interests include: amateur radio, reading, bicycling, backpacking, mechanical keyboards, home automation, electric unicycles, quadcopters, and 3d-printing