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Dustin Brewer

Software Developer in Seattle, WA • (206) 801-1412

Work Experience

Information Technology, University of Washington (UW) - June 2012 – Present
Senior Applications System Engineer
C#, ASP.NET MVC, jQuery, Angular, Bootstrap, SQL Server, Visual Studio, TFS

  • Designed and implemented applications to support business and operational needs of a diverse group of clients.
    • Applications include: payroll/vendor check tracking, continued education registration and payment, chemical inventory management, invoice management, work management and time tracking, and point of sales systems.
  • Reimplemented legacy Informix-4GL applications using modern languages, frameworks, and tools.
  • Integrated third-party vendor applications with various UW systems: payroll, accounts payable, request tracking, etc.

Technology Services, Facilities Services (FS), UW - June 2008 - June 2012
Senior Computer Specialist
PHP, jQuery, HTML, Drupal, MySQL, vim, git

  • Relaunched all Facilities Services websites within a content management system (Drupal); a multi-site installation for ~20 different websites.
  • Designed and implemented numerous applications (as Drupal modules) to support business and operational needs.
    • Application include: online auctions, mobile inventory management, employee on-boarding tracking, car rental estimator, parking violation payments, ORCA card reactivation, UPASS payroll deductions
  • Implemented a ticketing (OSTicket) system and reporting tool (SQL Server Reporting Services)

Maintenance & Alterations/Technology Services, FS, UW - August 2006 - June 2008
Senior Computer Specialist
PHP, JavaScript, HTML, vim

  • Implemented a third-party computerized maintenance management system (AiM) for tracking maintenance and construction projects.
  • Wrote numbers data integration specifications to interface data from UW systems into AiM.
  • Developed and maintained division website(s) utilizing PHP and MySQL.


Bachelors of Science; Informatics; University of Washington - June 2006
Associates of Science; Clark College - June 2003

Projects and Interests

Mysb - An application that facilitates over-the-air firmware uploads to Atmel ATMEGA328P microcontrollers with the MYSBootloader and a RF24L01+ radio via MQTT.
Go, Visual Studio Code

Wink Local - An application that provides local control for rooted Wink hubs via MQTT.
Go, TypeScript, VueJS, Bootstrap, Visual Studio Code

RF24Node_MsgProto - An application that bridged messages to/from a 2.4ghz radio network to MQTT.
C++, vim

Bit2Factor & BitEscrow - Implementations of two Bitcoin Improvement Proposals: BIP38 & Escrow. Both are single-page web-applications designed to be used without an internet connection.
JavaScript, Atom

I’ve contributed in various capacities to a number of open-source projects: jDip, ZenPhoto, Drydrop, Drupal, Firesheep, MySensors, MyController, Automaton, QMK, and Home-Assistant

My hobbies and interests include amateur radio, reading, bicycling, backpacking, mechanical keyboards, home automation, electric unicycles, and quadcopters.