2009 Summary

A few things worth mentioning from my life in 2009…

  • Moving - I’m sensing a theme here. 🙃
    Of course, now I feel crushed by the mountain of debt that is my mortgage.
    At least now I won’t have to move every year, at least for the time being. 2009 Summary

  • Relationships - Caryolnn moved out. le sigh Our relationship has been a little iffy these last few months. Maybe this will be good for us?

  • Going, Going, Gone - I sold my first car, my 1991 Mustang. Since moving to Seattle, I haven’t been driving very much; the car was just sitting on the street. I don’t see the point in keeping something that I’m not using, so off it goes!

  • New Friends - Oh, and I (re)met Chris and Adriana… people I met on the bus in Federal Way. They seem like cool people, and it’s nice that they live close by.

Dustin Brewer
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My interests include IoT, amateur radio (Amateur Extra; AF7NK), backpacking, biking, and beer.